“I Don’t Know Georgia” is a collective forum and blog of expatriates and locals.

We are former exchange students, your bartenders in your favorite Tbilisi bar, wannabe business owners or you can just call us, the ones who chose Georgia as home.

Georgia is a truly special place, with its own peculiarities and challenges. We know how it is hard with moving abroad. Been there. Done that. The things that prove difficult are never quite what you expect. We decided to try to help fellow travelers or residents with insider’s insights.

We hope that one day this website/forum will become a complete Georgia travel and life guide, with tips, ideas on things to do, and best things to see in Georgia. The ultimate guide for first time travelers and the ones who are already living here. In this website travelers, expatriates and locals will share their practical advises and honest truth, no one thinks to tell you before you get here.

We do hope this blog inspires you to discover all that is different and wonderful about visiting and living in Georgia.

“I Don’t Know Georgia” welcomes ideas from everyone. For the personal touch, drop us a line via support@idontknow.ge